Wednesday, October 31, 2012

{Fall Fun}

I know I am CRAZY behind on posts.  I have been really busy with my business, so any spare time I have has been spent with the littles.  I have a ridiculous amount of photos I want to post here to keep track of some really special events.  I will hopefully do a catch-up post later in the week.  But for right now...

Last weekend, Kevin and I took the boys to Yule Forest 155 Pumpkin Farm to get our Halloween pumpkin (that we still haven't carved).  We have a tradition of taking fall photos at the pumpkin patch and I could not be more pleased with this year's results.  The light was incredible and the colors on the trees were absolutely stunning!  Plus, I remembered to hop in some of the shots this year...which never happens!  I just love these boys...oh, my heart!

Hayden took the shot of Kevin and I above...not bad!  He watches what I do, and has learned over time how to find the light and how to focus my camera.  It is so funny to hear him directing us to get a shot.  The photo of the boys walking away from us is another tradition.  Here are the last 3 years' photos side-by-side...

They have grown so big over the last 3 years, but one thing never changes.  Hayden takes care of his little brother, and Colton thinks he hung the moon.  I pray they always have that is such a blessing to watch!

Happy Halloween Everybody!  Stay Safe and Eat Lots of Candy!!!