Thursday, January 24, 2013

{Burried Alive}

I know, I know!  I have been a horrible blogger!  I have literally been buried under photography work since November.  I am just really getting to come up for air, and have my first weekend off in almost 3 months.  That's great for business...not so great for a blogging hobby or keeping track of all of the fun things we've been doing lately!  I am playing catch up over the next couple of weeks, and am going to try to post all the goods.

For today, I am going to post a little eye candy (i.e. the cutest little boys I know).  These are the Christmas photos I took (Angel Kisses Photography).  We had so much fun!  We headed over to Moreland Ave in south Atlanta.  The area is being spruced up by some awesome artsy folks, and they are creating some pretty amazing spaces for photographers.  Kevin and I goofed around with the boys, so the photos this years are not super serious.  I think they were perfectly "us".

TaTa for now!  Hopefully I will be back tomorrow!

Oh yeah, we did!  HeHe!

There were our Christmas Cards that I designed.


And here are some fun shots I got of the boys and their cousins, Cale and Sadie-Clark.
All Photos Are Property of Angel Kisses Photography, Inc.  Please do not copy, print, alter or use without the written consent of Brittany Burtch and Angel Kisses Photography, Inc.

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