Friday, January 13, 2012

{Dream Home Dreamin'}

One thing I am really into is interior design.  Not that I am great at it, but I love looking at beautiful homes and spaces.  I have a list a mile long of design blogs I follow, and I watch HGTV religiously.  After watching Secrets From A Stylist, I decided that my style is "modern cabin chic".  I love stone and wood inside the home, and I am not a huge fan of things looking too new (outside of the kitchen and bathrooms - the 70's gold toilet I am currently dealing with is never okay).    That being said, you can probably imagine my squeal of excitement when I saw the new HGTV Dream Home on the tube.  Seriously, in the words of Ms. Zoe, I die!!!!  Here's a little look at my real life dream home  All photos courtesy of HGTV:

Font of the House
I love the stone and wood (of course) and I ADORE the pops of blue!  Throw some Blue Willow in there and it would be perfectly ME! I am also slightly obsessed with the ikat prints that show up throughout the house.  This is not a new obsession either.  I had to restrict myself to throw pillows for the couch, but the framed fabric gives me some fun ideas!


Dining Room

Family Room

Mud Room

Changing Room

Changing Room Bathroom

Laundry Room...Really??? I would sleep there!

Guest Bedroom #1

Guest Bathroom

Guest Bedroom #2

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Patio

Master Sitting Room

Master Bathroom

Outdoor Living Area


Hot Tub
Pinterest has only fueled my madness!  You can check out my dream home pins HERE.  What does your dream home look like???  I would love to know!

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