Thursday, January 19, 2012

{You And The Butterfly}

You and the Butterfly
You're so alike it seems
I watch you flutter by
With all your hopes and dreams
You have so much in common
Your beauty and your grace
You both know where you're going
Looking for a happy place

You and the Butterfly
All the colors that I've seen
I've watched you dressed in orange and gold
And sometimes blue and green
You never stay in one place
But just a little while
And when you stop a moment
You bless us with your smile

Your life is your own
I won't try to make you change
There's no one quite like you
And that's for sure
A free spirit in flight
From who knows what
Just looking for a place
That's sweet and pure

You and the Butterfly
I just watched you go away
I only hope you'll come back
By my way someday
I would never hold you back
From what you're really looking for
But remember that I love you
No matter where you are.
My Grandma Clark wrote this poem for my Mom when she was little.  She came up with a little melody, and used to sing it to me at night when I would spend the night at her house.  I love it dearly, and it is one of my most prized memories.  Every time I hum the melody, I think of her.  I can hear her singing it as I type this.  I love her and miss her dearly!
A Letter My Grandma Wrote to Me in 1993 That My Mother Found.

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