Friday, March 9, 2012

{Keeping Up With Life}

Now that Kevin is working, it's time for me to kick into SAHM mode.  I kinda feel like I'm in the middle of a hurricane with no safety plan.  So, it's time to come up with one!  One of the biggest issues that I am facing is the chaos that is my house.  Clutter and mess give me a serious case of anxiety, but I also don't want to spend all of my time cleaning and organizing.  I did a little research (on Pinterest, of course) and found a nifty little chore chart for Mommies.  This is exactly what I need...a game plan.  This way, I have designated chores each day, and don't wind up overwhelmed and missing out on the fun stuff come Saturday.  Not to mention, the way this sounds, my house will always be clean!  That makes this Mommy very happy!  This is my version, dressed up a little bit...cause that's how I roll:

You can find the customizable/printable version HERE.  HERE is the blog post that shared this wonderful little tool.

I am doing a major clean and a crap-ton of laundry today so that I am ready to go on Monday.  Yay for getting it together!!!!  Now if I can just work on that exercising/showering everyday part.  Hmmmm...any helpful suggestions on how to motivate yourself to wake up at 5 AM???

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