Tuesday, March 20, 2012

{Week / Weekend Update}

So, last week was crazy busy!  Kevin was in town all week, so we tried to cram in a ton of stuff.  Here's a little bit of our chaos:

TUESDAY:  Hayden and Colton both had soccer practice.  Hayden's is the same deal as Fall soccer, except a new team.  Colton is participating in the Parents & Tots league at HCSA.  He has been so excited, but when he got to his first practice, he decided to throw one of his now infamous tantrums.  He flat out refused to take the field with the other kiddos and their parents.  I am so glad that Kevin was there for this one (his second of the day...I am so traumatized by the first that I can't really speak of it yet, except to say that I am sorry to all of the Hobby Lobby patrons who were subject to his meltdown).  Lucky for Colton, he has the best big brother a boy could ask for.  Hayden grabbed the soccer ball and asked Colton to go play with him on the field.  Wanting to be exactly like Hayden, Colton obliged...with a smile on his face.  Kevin said it was like a Jekyll & Hyde switch flip.  Needless to say, Hayden became the parent on the field for his brother, and taught him everything that the coach was showing them.  I am so very proud of my big boy!  Here's a shot Kevin took on his phone of the two of them on the field practicing...

WEDNESDAY: Wednesday, we found that a bird had made a nest in Kevin's tool box.  Think it was trying to tell us something???  Maybe, that we need to use it more often, so that it doesn't become a habitat???  Anyway, Kevin wanted to take it out immediately, but I had an issue with it.  I really wouldn't want someone destroying a home that I worked hard to build for my babies!  all I kept thinking was of this bible verse:
Not even a sparrow, worth only half a penny, can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it.   Matthew 10:29
So...the nest stayed put until we were sure that the birdies were no longer residing there.  In fact, we have seen baby sparrows fluttering around a different tree.  I think the garage was a little too crazy for them.
FRIDAY: Friday was a fun day!  Hayden got to celebrate St. Patrick's Day at ELCA.  He sported the double polo (navy and lime green, and took Mint Chocolate Chunk Cookies to share with his friends.  The original recipe can be found on Pinterest and HERE.  I had to modify the recipe a bit, since our local grocery store did not have a couple of the ingredients.  I used Andes Mints, and they turned out super yummy!!!  Kevin's mother, Brenda, flew into town for the Publix sponsored Georgia Half Marathon.  So, we picked her up at the airport and hit up Chick-Fil-A.  I am so very glad that they now have grilled chicken nuggets for the kids.  They are not friend in peanut oil, so now we don't have to stop at another restaurant to pick up peanut free food for Little C.  The boys loved the cow chair in the lobby and wanted to show off their goofy faces....Wow!
SATURDAY:  That was a busy day.  It started off with Hayden's soccer game.  HOT MESS!  We were running late.  Not to blame anyone, but a certain husband of mine drove past the exit on 75 and we had to take about a 10 mile detour to get to the field.  We got there and my poor little guy had no drink, we had no cash to buy a drink, and to top it all of, he was wearing the wrong uniform.  PARENTS OF THE YEAR!  Ugh...I felt horrible! Upside...Hayden's coach is a bona fide rock star...no seriously...he really is.  He's a part of THIS band.  That's kinda fun, right?!?!

We also headed downtown to pick up Kevin, Brenda and Ashley's race packets for Sunday.  We decided to stop off for some lunch in Little 5 Points.  I LOVE this area.  You just never know what you're gonna see.  We had lunch outside (hear the angel's singing) at The Brewhouse Cafe and it was yummy!  I think you can tell from the clean plates in the pictures that the boys enjoyed it too!
After lunch, we ran across the street to Clothing Warehouse for some new sunnies!  My old pair fell off my head while I was chasing Colton around an open field at soccer Saturday morning, in the midst of meltdown #3 for the week.  I really dislike not having sunglasses, so these super-fun pair for $14.99 were a perfect fit (thanks Brenda!).  I am dying to go back to this store - minus the kids - so that I can have time to browse.  I know there are lots of goodies here to be found!

Then, we headed off towards the World Congress Center, where packet pick up was for the race.  The boys got to see a little of the March Madness fun.  We ate ice cream, did a little shopping at the sports expo and got all ready for the race!  Miraculously, we had a blast and did not lose a child in all of the craziness...not even once!

SUNDAY: Kevin, Brenda and Ashley ran the half marathon and survived it...despite of all of the hills.  Sunday marked the 1 year anniversary of a huge life changing event for the Burtch family, that ultimately led us to where we are today.  But, that's really not my story to tell.  Maybe one day I will share that story.  I am so proud of my husband, and the fact that he chose to run the half marathon to celebrate. Way to go guys!!!

That's really it for last week.  Monday, we started The Daniel Fast.  I really want to keep record of it this year.  So much changed after our fast last year, so I am excited to see God work in me in 2012.  I also want to keep track of the recipes and food, so that I don't forget them for next time.  Happy Tuesday Everybody!
Much Love From The Burtch's!!!

***Disclaimer: Most of these photos were taken with, quite possibly, the worst phone camera on the planet.  I HAVE GOT TO REMEMBER to carry my camera!  Sorry!***

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