Monday, February 11, 2013

{Bragging On My Boy}

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For those that know Hayden, then you know he is high energy, a total Type A, super outgoing and an old soul with a heart of gold.  Last week, the high energy part of his being got him in a bit of trouble at school...several times.  Honestly, it took us by surprise.  Hayden is typically the teacher's pet.  He loves school and he also needs words of affirmation...this is CLEARLY his love language.  For the most part, I think he behaves so well because he desires praise instead of reprimands.  It was so out of the ordinary, and I was taken aback when his teacher said that he had been in trouble for his inability to stay seated during class and for acting crazy in the line.  Behavior and obedience are two things we don't mess around with in our house.  The boys know what we expect from them and they know their punishment if they break the rules.  So, Hayden spent a lot of time sitting in his room thinking about his behavior, and is banned from all things electronic for an entire week.  Last week was so hard on Kevin and I too.  We rarely have to punish our kids for how they act outside of our home.  We are so fortunate that they act WAY BETTER for others than they do for us.  I am totally okay with admitting that.  But last week, I started to think we had a full moon every night! Insanity!

During a normal week of non-crazy behavior, Hayden does things like volunteering to pray over our dinner(nearly every night).  This started when he was only 3.  When we would ask if he wanted us to help, he would always say no...that he could do it himself.  As he has grown, his prays have matured, but they have always been his special, precious words.  This is something that has always made me so proud.  I wish I could say that I had something to do with it, but I think that it's a true gift from God.  I call Hayden my Angel Face!  I think, for so many reasons, that he really is one...oh my heart!

Hayden loves going to church on Sunday.  Since he moved up to "big kid church" or KidMo (elementary ages) at Momentum CC, he has looked forward to going.  Kevin and I recently started volunteering with the children's program, so the boys are now spending 2 services in their respective classes.  Yesterday, we stopped by to talk to his class leaders to see how he has been doing. Honestly, I was a little worried to hear their response.  But here are a few things they said about Hayden:

1) He is always happy and obeys
2) If they ever need volunteers, he is the first one with his hand in the air
3) He loves to lead his peers from the stage in song and dance (even though he's one of the youngest in the room)
4) He ALWAYS volunteers to pray over the offering
5) When he prays, he always prays for orphans, that they find homes and families to love them

I literally walked in to church in tears.  So what if my child doesn't like to sit in his seat at school or tries to break dance while waiting in line to go to the bathroom!  That moment made the stresses of the previous week seem so trivial.  His heart...that sweet 5 year old certainly in the right place.  I am overwhelmed with pride.  Not because I think I have anything to do with it.  I am proud that he is the way he is in spite of me!  I could learn so much from Hayden's love of God and others, and his blind faith that Jesus IS the solution to the problems of this world.  I want need to have that child-like faith.  I am sure it would give me a much different perspective on life!

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