Friday, February 15, 2013

{Yep...I'm Going Insane}

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So, it's about that time!  I am tired of being tired and not feeling healthy!  I am kicking off this new year (I just turned 32 on the 9th), and getting my lazy butt in shape.  I started Insanity this morning, and it was not pretty!  This is seriously the hardest program I have EVER done.  The first time I tried to start the program, I puked after the fit test.  Sad...I know.  But we all have to start somewhere, and for me it's at the beginning.  I am really hoping to be more Jennifer Aniston-esque in my 40's, than where I am currently heading with my inconsistent and virtually non-existent workout habit!

This morning, I did the first video on the schedule: Plyometrics Cardio Circuit.  Now, I am not a huge fan of cardio or plyo, so you can image how pleased I was that Shaun T decided to combine them.  Awesome!  I made it to the last round of the last circuit (which was a miracle) and started to fall apart.  When suddenly, Colton (my precious 3 year old angel) started doing the exercises with me...and encouraging me!  "Mommy, only 10 more seconds.  We can do it Mommy.  We're almost done!" Welp...who's gonna stop after hearing that?  Not this girl.  I may not be able to walk tomorrow, but I finished the video, sweaty and barely breathing, with the help of my baby boy.  God knew I needed motivation, and he sent me the best motivation in the world! LOVE IT!

Now, I am not going to update every day.  There's just no way I can promise that.  But I would like to update every Friday with how the week has gone, and if there has been any weight loss.

Thank you to Lauren Lewis for inspiring me to do this! If that woman can raise 3 kids, study for the MCAT, be super involved in the church, and become an organic foods specialist of sorts (with her wonderful husband of course), all while getting up at 5 am to do the program (not with her wonderful husband)...I can do it too!  She is a wonderful friend and a modern day Super Woman and I am thankful for her!

If you are interested in checking Insanity out for HERE.
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Just looking at that photo makes my body hurt.  I'll be back at it tomorrow, though.  Have a great weekend, ya'll!

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