Monday, October 10, 2011

Getting Schooled

So this week has been a real challenge for me emotionally and physically. This stay-at-home mommy thing is no joke! And, Kevin has been home with me, doing most of the work around the house so that I can get my photography business up and running. I don't think I was expecting the transition from Corporate America to be so difficult. To top it off, there is a lot of pressure elsewhere (a lot of it self created) that has been weighing on me.

You see, we still have our house on the market in Florida. Being the control freak that I am, it is not easy leaving everything up to someone else. I may not have been able to fix everything that went wrong while I was down there...but I sure was a good delegator! It has been on the market since March, which by most accounts is normal. We had a buyer...someone who wanted to take the house off of our hands...but it fell through days before the scheduled closing. That was a month ago, and it seems like the market has slowed even more, if that's possible. This week, we are faced with the question of "to rent or not to rent". Not sure yet, so we are going to wait it out a little longer.

Kevin's job search is going really well. He has had multiple interviews with great companies, and they are all interested in pursuing his employment further. But, seriously??? 4 interviews??? I have never in my life seen a company (aside from The Ritz-Carlton) do 4 interviews.

Needless to say, things are going well, but not progressing as quickly as I had planned. I am realizing that this "leap of faith" is not as easy as I had anticipated. But my wonderful, and surprisingly calm, husband pointed out that no true leap ever really is. Huh? Could God be teaching me that lesson in patience and faith that I asked for?

Yesterday, I began to doubt this whole move and throw myself a little pity party. I melted down, which I am prone to do when I get really stressed out. I cried and blamed myself for the situation we are in. The Kevin, kindly stopped me and reminded me of several things:

1) If we had waited on the closing of the house to plan the move, he and I both would have been stuck in jobs, that made us miserable, for heaven only knows how long.
2) Had we not gone ahead with the move, Kevin might have lost the buyer on his agency.
3) Hayden is going to a great school and LOVES it and is thriving in it!
4) Colton is spending one-on-one time with his parents, that he has never been able to get before with big brother around.
5) The boys are happier than we have ever seen them. So are the dogs, for that matter!
6) Kevin is getting to spend so much time with his boys, which he would otherwise never be able to do.
7) We have been able to "just be" as a family. Relax, play, nap, school, play, eat, job interview, photo shoot, play, build fires in the chimanea, play, sleep. That's pretty much our day...and it has been good for my heart!
8) Kevin has several very promising job opportunities on the horizon, and more than likely, will have an offer in the next week or so (God willing).
9) Unlike so many others, we are able to pay our mortgage, which I am so grateful for!

The past year has been a tough one for all of us, full of anxiety and stress. Maybe this is God's way of making us slow down and really SEE what matters in this short life. Kevin looked at me and repeated Hayden's memory verse for last week:

Fear not, for I am with thee.

Genesis 26:24

I whole heartedly believe that God has a wicked since of humor. I literally laughed out loud when he said that! I had been practicing that verse with Hayden for over a week and had never really taken it to heart. But there it Heavenly Father reminding me that he hasn't forgotten about us and that there is no need to worry. He's got this! And since the Holy Spirit resides in me, so do I!

If that wasn't enough comic relief, Hayden brought home his memory verse for this week:

My God shall supply all your needs.

Phil. 4:19

Point taken...I got the message!!! So, I have decided to enjoy this time as a family. No worries, or crazy melt downs. Because the next time we get to spend this much time together will probably be 16 years from now...if ever!!!

On that note, here is a little bit about our week:

I had 3 photo sessions this week and got to see some old friends I haven't seen in FOREVER! You can check out the pics HERE.

Hayden memorized that Bible verse and was one of only 2 kids in his class to recite it back to the teacher. I was so very proud!

Colton surprised us by pointing out the colors blue, red and pink (?). He also now recognizes the letters M, N, H and A.

We all drove to Loganville to spend Friday afternoon with Dad, Beth, Zach, Mary Beth, Cale and Sadie-Clark. we took over the Chick-Fil-A in Loganville and had a blast!

Hayden had his first soccer game with the Henry County Soccer Association. The association doesn't actually keep score since the kids are only 4-6 years old, but we did! We're crazy competitive...don't judge! Hayden scored 6 of 9 goals for his team. We're not quite sure who actually won the game, since some kids were scoring on the wrong got a little confusing! But we are super-proud of our little man and all of the hard work he has put in to practicing this new sport. I tell ya...anything this kid wants to do, he'll do it! Here is a shot of his first goal. Sorry that it's so blurry, but I'm pretty sure I was jumping, yelling and trying to snap the shot all at the same time!

Last but not least, we had an interesting night last night. Around 11 PM, a policeman knocked on the door to let us know that a water main broke right in front of our driveway. Thankfully, there was no major damage to our home or yard, or our neighbor's. And, water has been restored to the street. I snapped the photo below to ensure that we don't get charged $1,000 on our water bill this month. I think the blue lights add a nice touch. Kinda reminds me of the fountains in Vegas!

Here's to a good week, and actually enjoying it with the family that I love so very much!!!

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