Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What I Love Wednesdays - Part 1

I have seen a bunch of bloggers do this segment and I love the idea. If nothing else, it will help me keep track of the things I really love, and projects I want to take on. I always think about loving something, then I forget about it...I blame it on the pregnancy brain I sustained while pregnant with the never went away! With out further ado, here are my favorites this week:

1) Now that fall is here, we are leaving the windows open (it's been 4 days since we turned the AC on), the leaves are changing and I am obsessed with fall colors! Now if I can only get myself motivated enough to wear a cute outfit like this! You can get all of the details HERE.

2) Since we moved here and brought Kevin's Parent's Chimenea along, we have been making tons of outdoor fires and making tons of smores. How cute is this idea? It's like a no mess version of the smore. Perfect for 2 and 4 year olds who loves to wipe crispy/gooey marshmallows all over Mommy's couch! The idea came from HERE.

3) We will be eating these this weekend while watching some college football. Yummy! Check out the recipe HERE.

4) I LOVE these DIY wood pallet coffee tables. Right now we don't really have one, unless you count the plastic, college type version from Target that we are using to eat off of. That's not going to last long with the boys, so I want to make one of these (and maybe a second for the patio). I have googled the DIY instructions, which you can check out HERE. the photo above was found HERE.

5) Last but not least...How great is this subway art Bible verse. I am pretty sure that passing this in the hallway everyday would do my heart and mind some good! Check it out HERE.

I hope you enjoys these fun goodies! I'd love to know what you think. Comments are always welcome. Have a Fabulous Wednesday!

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