Thursday, October 27, 2011

{What I Love Wednesdays} TV Edition

This is What I Love Wednesday...only a day late. Sorry! I was a little under the weather yesterday. This is going to be the TV edition, and probably on the girlie side. I LOVE TV. I am not afraid to admit it. Thanks to our new DVR (we are so behind on the gadgets), Kevin and I actually get to watch some shows consistently after the boys go to bed. Here are some of my new favorites!!!

I adore Rachel Bilson! I have ever since her OC days. So, I was super excited that she was coming back to TV. This is probably my favorite new show this fall season. It's set in the South and some of the characters (even though their personalities are exaggerated a bit) remind me of some people I once knew. The show is super funny and worth a look!

I have been waiting for this show to air since I saw an ad for it in an Us Weekly. ABC and the creators of Lost are putting an unexpected twist on all of the fairytale stories this girl grew up reading. The premise is so smart, and I really enjoyed it. I'm hooked and will be watching again on Sunday night!

OK...who doesn't love Zooey Deschanel? She "adorkable" and I have had a fondness for her since seeing the brilliant movie (500) Days of Summer. Very Funny!

And finally, my boys have discovered the joys of Sprout...thank heavens! Since that study came out saying that watching Sponge Bob made children's brains turn to mush, we haven't known what to do with ourselves. Hayden has moved on from Disney. He has a photographic memory, and once he's seen an episode of a show, he doesn't want to see it again. The Disney Channel is really bad about replaying the same episodes over and over again and Hayden is now refusing to watch it. So many of the other cartoons have adult undertones and I don't really like him watching those shows. There is also a lot of violence in so many of the shows and we were finding that the boys would try out their new "ninja" moves on each other...which never ended well. The Sprout Channel has been a breath of fresh air in our house. Big Bird is timeless, as far as I'm concerned!

Are there any shows that you are LOVING so far??? Post a comment and let me know!

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