Monday, October 24, 2011

{Weekend Update}

I really want this blog to document our time with the boys and how we do life as a family. If no one else reads it, I'm okay with it. This is more for us than anything else. I remember a lot from my young childhood, but Kevin doesn't and I really think that's unfortunate. I want to be able to hand this puppy over to the boys, so that they can see and read about all of the things we do together, as well as the thoughts and challenges we face as their parents. So, this is an effort for me to keep better track of our life!

This week has been a challenge for me personally. We are still waiting to hear back from the companies that Kevin has interviewed with. Thankfully, the company offering the job that he really wants, did call back and say that he is still in the running, but that it is taking them a bit longer than expected to get through the formalities of the interview process. We took that as a good sign. I mean, if they didn't love Kevin, I would have to image that they wouldn't bother making that call...right?

To get our mind off of all the waiting (job and house related), we decided to have a family fun day at the park. We picked Hayden up from school and headed to a park near our house. We intended to go to the playground but wound up having an impromptu kick ball game instead. The t-ball fields were open, so we headed out after our little picnic and attempted to explain the rules to our 2 and 4 year olds. Hayden caught on quick, but Colton not so much! He pretty much wanted to kick the ball and then dribble (soccer terms) it into the outfield, and kick it into the fence for a goal. He would have nothing to do with the all! So basically our organized kickball game became a free-for-all. I did kick a home run (?) for what it's worth.

Friday night we went to Gran-Gran and Jimmy's house for dinner. Spaghetti Bake and Ice Cream!

Saturday we woke up to frigid temps. It actually dropped below 50 degrees. Our boys have only felt weather that cool a handful of times. Colton stepped outside and looked at me like his world had turned upside down! "Hot, Mommy! It hot!" Cold is hot, and hot is hot...we're working on that one! We bundled up and headed to Hayden's soccer game. We were super excited when we got there and the momentous First Soccer Pictures had arrived. stinkin' cute is my kid??? He scored 3 goals, one for each of us, just like he said he would do before the game.

After the game, both boys were completely wiped out. When they get tired, they FIGHT. They fight over toys, what side of the car is theirs to sit on, if the sky is blue (or red as Colton would say). They will fight over anything! So, it was off to bed for a nap, for both of them. They tried to get up after about 30 minutes, but we sent them back to their room without any argument. When we went back to check on them a few minutes later, this is what we found...

It's amazing how these little ones can fight like crazy, but when it comes down to it, they are best buddies and rely on each other for so much already. Brotherly love is a beautifully complicated thing. I just adore how much Colton looks up to his big brother, and how much Hayden teaches him. I know there will always be challenges between these two brothers, but I will always have this photo to come back to, to remind them that THIS is what's really important!

Since Saturday was so chilly, we decided to light our first fire of the season. It's pretty pitiful looking in this photo, but it kept us nice and warm all night! You GA people take fireplaces for granted. They are hard to come by in Florida, and I really missed having one. There is something so cozy about a nice warm fire and a cup of hot chocolate. It made my heart happy!

Sunday, we got up and tried out a church that we had attended several times before we moved to Florida. It just didn't feel right. Not sure if it is the churches themselves, or if we are just unfairly comparing them to Christ Fellowship. Either way, we are still searching for a church home here in GA. This is so important to us. We're the jump-in-head-first type of people. We get involved quickly, when we are in the right place. So, this is a huge void that we are feeling in our lives right now. This week, I think we are heading into the big city to go to Buckhead Church. It's a long drive, but we love Andy Stanley and are really looking forward to a good sermon next weekend. If anyone has suggestions on churches to visit, please comment. We are not afraid to drive a bit, for a church home that's going to be a good fit for our family!

Sunday night, Aunt Ashee (Kevin's sister Ashley) and her boyfriend Noah came to visit for dinner. It is so nice having her close by. The boys absolutely adore her and have missed her since she moved to GA after college. We had stir fry and I made Whoopie Pies for the first time. Ummmm, if you haven't heard of them, you should do some research! Since becoming a stay-at-home Mom, I have been reading Better Homes & Gardens, Family Circle and Food Network Magazines like it's my job! I'm not very "domestic" but my husband is the male version of Betty Crocker. So, I haven't really needed to be a super cook or baker or cleaner. But now, I am hoping to take on that role all by myself...once he goes back to work and lets me! This was my first attempt at baking...granted it was out of the box...but I am proud of the results!

My Aunt Cissy, sternly recommended (or demanded) that I google the recipe for Red Velvet Cake Whoopie Pies. So I did, and cannot wait to give this a go! HERE is the recipe for your tasting pleasure!

Welp...I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and a fantastic Monday! What did you do this weekend???

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